northern island colors

北の丘々から - Photographer Hiroki Inoue

First Prize, NATURE on 2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year

First Prize, NATURE on 2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year for my photo " Wherever you go, I will follow you!! ". I feel honored. Thank you for your continuous support. I will keep trying my best.
It was when I drove back home feeling disappointed with the fact that I had finished the day in vain without any anticipated subject that I heard the joyful voice from the car window like “quack, quack!” There they were, red foxes. Around the end of the winter, they meet the season of love; they care and love each other so much enough to make us jealous. At noon they separate their ways to hunt, and in the evening they meet at the sightly hills as if they have made a promise to get back there, or as if some double-income human couple would meet at the nearest station and get home together. After a few hours, finally they meet and rub their nose to each other with full of joy, and rejoice their reunion with running over the hills like a ball. Soon, they stats to play chasing. Can you hear their voice, “Wherever you may go, I will follow you!!” Biei-cho, where I took this photo, is a beautiful place know for many hills, surrounding the foot of a volcano. Many wild animals live there, but among them, the number of red foxes are exceptionally large. They seem to prefer to live the boundary between cultivated field and forest, and those circumstances are most suitable for their nature.
この冬、夕暮れ迫る北海道の美瑛の丘でいちゃいちゃしていたキタキツネのカップルを撮った一枚「たとえ君がどこへ行こうとも、僕はどこまでもついていくよ!」が、米国ナショナルジオグラフィックによる「2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year」において、ネイチャー部門1位をいただきました。このような素晴らしい賞をいただけたのは、僕のことなんてまったく気にすることなくいちゃいちゃやってくれたこのキタキツネのカップルのおかげであることはもちろん、みなさまの応援があってのことだと思っています。心から感謝申し上げます。