northern island colors

北の丘々から - Photographer Hiroki Inoue

the favorite photos of 2015

f:id:northern-island-colors:20151206141125j:plaina northern deer in blue moment

PORTRAIT EZO-SHIKA (Hokkaido deer) - I wanted him to get more closer.



f:id:northern-island-colors:20151119223759j:plainIt is sunny now finally! 

Yesterday, and days before, sun and autumn rain was cold in Shiretoko National Park, Hokkaido, Japan. He didn't look fine and plodded along the late autumn road. Rain disturb his auditory sense. He seems he have eaten no mouse for several days. Evening came, at last the sunlight strikes the late autumn road for the first time in several days. He cheerfully looks up at the sky. I see you feel as I do, it is sunny now finally!

ポートレートキタキツネ - 三日間降り続いた雨があがり、やわらかな日射しが薄い雲から降りそそいだとき、キタキツネはうれしそうに秋の夕空を見つめていました。やっと晴れたね!

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The Starry Night

The leaves of the poplar sings at starry night.



f:id:northern-island-colors:20160102092008j:plainsunlight in the afternoon

A sunlight broke through the heavy clouds, a red roof and a white wall shined hard.



f:id:northern-island-colors:20150926081320j:plainHIGUMA - the king of the forest

" HIGUMA " is wild brown bear name in Japanese.
I believe that I met the king of the forest of Shiretoko, Hokkaido, Japan.
As I thought, you are special to me.



a lucky morning with sea of clouds

This hill is my favorite place. Here is a large hill at the between Asahikawa and Biei, Hokkaido, Japan.
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f:id:northern-island-colors:20150509231226j:plainwhite ridges 

There is going to be a rough weather. In May, white ridges extends to the field.
In this hill, dent corn are cultivated. White ridges are vinyl sheets for heat insulating.

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f:id:northern-island-colors:20150414213814j:plaina northern tractor

" the color of the cultivation in spring " I heard the sound of good engines from hills.



f:id:northern-island-colors:20150227074814j:plainthe color of the latter part of winter 

The long wished-for solid color day has come.
Spring is just around the corner.

淡いとき - 冬の終わりの色

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f:id:northern-island-colors:20150126094016j:plainpreparing to land at Asahikawa Airport




f:id:northern-island-colors:20151226014905j:plainChubby Fox

How much did you eat? He has gained weight day by day from fall through winter.
Unfortunately, he got sandwich from human the order of the day.


f:id:northern-island-colors:20150430201103j:plainthe wild cherry called 'yamazakura'

She reached up on tiptoes and blossomed over white birches.

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